“Scarlet Heart: Goryeo” Drops Official Drama Posters


Is SBS trying to kill us with posters? I thought I’ve seen the end of the posters for this drama last week, but apparently it just won’t end. Official posters are out and just like the rest, they are very visual and pretty.


Featured in one, is our main couple Lee Joong Gi and IU staring longingly at each others, and a little version of them embracing on the bottom. Then we have the love triangle in the second poster with Kang Ha Neul. This poster seems a bit off to me. Usually, you would see the main lead, the guy who captures the heart of the heroin, facing her. However, in this particular shot we have Kang and IU Facing each other with Lee turned to the side. I don’t know if this is meant to be this way on purpose, or production made a mistake.


The hype for this drama is at an all time high, with the premier just around the corner on August 29th, and I am really excited. Just please production…no more posters. If you insist on releasing promos, give us another teaser instead.


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