“Scarlet Heart: Goryeo” Releases Stills from Latest Teaser


I thought we were done with the promos, since the show it premiering in less than a week, but I was very wrong. Although, the flood of posters, stills, and teasers seems like will never end, I am still inclined to cover it. This drama is expected to be one the biggest dramas this year, and of course the new stills and posters are beautiful.

ScarletHeart30 ScarletHeart33

The new stills depicts IU as she time travels into the Goryo dynasty and posses the body of a woman living in that time. Production stated that “Through Hae Soo, viewers will be able to experience what it’s like for a 21st century person to enter the Goryeo period, and can enjoy watching her learn to adapt and grow.” This show will definitely not be boring.

ScarletHeart39 ScarletHeart40 ScarletHeart38ScarletHeart32

Not only do we have the most coverage for a drama that I can remember with all the promos, SBS also announced earlier in the week that the first two episodes will air back to back on Monday. This is unprecedented. That means 3 episodes in the first week for us. I am not sure why the network feels the need to do all this for a drama. It makes me a bit nervous when there is so much “dumping” going on. This show will either be really good or really bad. I am keeping my fingers crossed, and hoping for the former.




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