Second Teaser for “Doctors” is Here!


Ladies and Gentleman we have a new teaser for “Doctors”, and its a bit creepy. The new clip shows a completely new side to the drama, and I must say I am not completely sure what to think at this point.

First, I’m glad that in addition to a butt-kicking Park Shin Hye from the first teaser, we now see a clip from Kim Rae Won’s perspective.

In the clip it show Park Shin Hye daydreaming when she was school age and Kim Rae won gazing at her as he narrates “You only discover the value of what’s precious after you lose it. I didn’t know it then, that normal, everyday life was precious. When I think about you, I always remember the last moment I saw you. I should’ve held on to you then.”

Then it jumps to present day Park Shin Hye, still dreaming but this time on a public bench as Kim Rae Won continues to narrate ““Going crazy when in love is proof that I’m revitalized. It’s abnormal not to go crazy when in love.” Then he grabs her arm and as she jerks away he continues “Let’s stay like this for ten seconds… I’ve waited ten years.”

Very interesting turn of events. I am not sure how I feel about the nature of what was going on while Park Shin Hye was clearly underage but it sure looks interesting….


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