Lee Jin Wook’s Sexual Assault Scandal Cost Him How Much?!


Lee Jin Wook is not having a good month. Apparently, the actor has lost about 10 billion won (9 million dollars) as a result of the sexual assault allegations that have been brought and have since been dropped against the actor.

A source from Lee’s agency stated “Lee Jin Wook suffered approximately 10 billion in damages from the halting of advertisement and promotional activities alone. False accuser ‘A’ must be held accountable for this situation.”


Lee’s accuser dropped all charges after her fourth round of questioning by the police. She has since admitted that all allegation were false and that the sexual encounter was consensual. Unfortunately, in celebrity land the damage was already done. Although, 9 million is an astronomical number to the average person, I do not think that this will ultimately have any long lasting effects on the actor. He will recover quickly from all this, and will go on to make more films/dramas and endorsement deals. With all the sexual assault allegations the have been flying around lately with different celebrities, it is good to hear that at least this one was resolved quickly.


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