Shin Min Ah Talks Co-Star Lee Je Hoon and “Tomorrow With You” in Bazaar


Can this actress get any more beautiful?! Screen Goddess Shin Min Ah recently shot an exclusive pictorial for Bazaar, and also sat down with the publication to talk candidly about her new drama and handsome co-star Lee Je Hoon.

“Tomorrow With You” is a fantasy rom-com about a time traveler and his wife. Lee Je Hoon, who plays a successful real estate mogul and a time traveler, marries Shin Min Ah without love, but things eventually change on that front. The actress said that the pre-produced drama faced some difficulties in the beginning, stating “The pressure was big because the drama was completed in pre-filming rather than because it’s airing after ‘Goblin’. There are a lot of positives aspects to pre-filming but it’s true that I was concerned because it’s a format that I haven’t experienced.”

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She went on to also say “I was greatly curious about his (Lee Je Hoon) acting because he has never done a romance genre, and I noticed that Lee Jae Hoon has refreshing charms. That goes along well with his character. The refreshing side is better for Lee Je Hoon’s character rather than manly ones.” Oh we think so too! The drama, which premiered February 3rd, has been received well with tons of positive reviews. Looking forward to see how the series will progress.


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