Seo In Guk’s “Shopping King Louie” Drops First Teaser


First preview for Seo In Guk’s “Shopping King Louie” is finally here, and it’s about time since the drama is set to premier in less than 3 weeks.

The drama is about a rich but lonely heir named Louie (Seo In Guk), who lost his parents and his memory when he was young. Due to the tragedy, he is raised by an overbearing grandmother who is set on protecting him, even if it may isolate him further. Louis grows up in Europe, turning his loneliness into a bit of a shopping addiction, hence the title “Shopping King.” Louie returns to Seoul for business as an adult, where he meets a kind but simple woman (Nam Ji Hyun), and eventually the two fall in love.


The teaser is a bit strange, but sets a really light hearted mood for the drama. Seo In Guk is seen saying “I’m hungry, give me food” to Nam Ji Hyun, all while smiling and acting cute. Nam Ji Hyun is shown looking a little perplexed. The preview then cuts to a caption saying “How did we meet?”.

Hmm..I am not really sure where they were going with this, but maybe this is just a prelude for more things to come. Stay tuned…

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