“Shopping King Louie” Holds a Press Conference Ahead of the Premier


MBC’s held a press conference for the much anticipated “Shopping King Louie” on September 19th, ahead of the premier tonight, September 21st.

Our male lead, Seo In Guk, spoke about his character and acting opposite Nam Ji Hyun. The actor said “I have expectations when I look at the other actor’s lines, but Nam Ji Hyun approached me with acting that was so amazing she completely turned my expectations around. I want to learn a lot from her.” He continued “I am very playful, but Nam Ji Hyun accepts [my playfulness] with an open heart, so I’m grateful. Because we play around like the characters, I was able to empathize even more quickly.”


This will be Nam Ji Hyun’s first lead role. The actress said “Since I’m at the time where I’m moving on from being a child actor to an adult actor, I get many questions about how I feel regarding this. When I was a child actor I had to take on the first eight episodes at most, but now I have to take on about 16 episode from beginning to end. At first I thought I would feel a lot of pressure about my first lead role but I became at ease because the director said, ‘Let’s just have fun filming.'” She added ““Now I don’t feel much pressure and I’m enjoying filming. I’m not worrying about the possibility of poor ratings right now.”

shopping-king-press-conference4I am looking forward to seeing what this show has to offer. This drama will be all about chemistry. If Seo and Nam can deliver on that front, then it should be smooth sailing from there.


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