Seo In Guk is Rich and Somber in First Stills from “Shopping King Louie”

Shopping king

Seo In Guk is fresh off from wrapping up “Police Unit 38”, and is already jumping into another project. The actor will star as Louie, a rich but lonely heir who lost his parents and his memory when he was young. Due to the tragedy, he is raised by an overbearing grandmother who is set on protecting him, even if it may isolate him further. Louis grows up in Europe, turning his loneliness into a bit of a shopping addiction, hence the title “Shopping King.” Louie returns to Seoul for business as an adult, where he meets a kind-hearted woman (Nam Ji Hyun), and eventually the two fall in love.

Shopping king3 Shopping king4

The premise sounds a bit strange, but also out of the box and unique. Seo In Guk is a hit or miss for me. I prefer him in supporting roles like “Master’s Sun.” I have yet to see a drama starring Seo that I have watched more than once. There is no doubt that he is very talented and plays his roles well. It’s only the fact that none of them strike me as memorable. Maybe this one is a game-changer. This year has been a great year for dramas, and maybe this project will prove to be great as well.

“Shopping King Louie” will premier in September, after “W” finishes it’s run.


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