Song Hye Kyo Surprises Fans at Song Joong Ki’s Fan Meeting

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Song Hye Kyo surprised everyone when she stepped on stage in China at Song Joong Ki’s fan meeting on June 17th.

She politely said to the crowd “I had a sense of Song Joong Ki’s popularity through the internet and news articles, but actually coming here and seeing this for myself makes me feel happier and more nervous than him.”

Song Joong Ki smiled and answered back “The reaction wasn’t this welcoming when I was here with Kwang Soo last week. This is the first time seeing Song Hye Kyo in China. You’re really pretty.”

The Song-Song couple did a variety of thing during the event, which included playing games and hosting a make believe talk show.

Song Hye Kyo also went on to say “I was looking forward to meeting him since so many people told me good things about him, and it turned out that he was an even better person than I’d thought. He’s very sincere and thoughtful when filming. I think he’s really cool.”

Fans of the Song-Song couple were most likely hoping for a relationship announcement given their on screen chemistry and off screen meet ups, but did not get one. They wouldn’t be completely off base either. Song Hye Kyo does have a history of dating her costars (Hyun Bin, Lee Byun Hun), so if the pair did get together it wouldn’t be surprising.

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