Song Joong Ki Advertisement Dropped By Chinese Company


Politics are running strong these days, and are now effecting the entertainment industry in China and Korean. Vivo, a phone company in China, announced last week that they will be pulling all ads featuring the popular Song Joong Ki. The advertisement deal featuring the star made headlines earlier in in the year for the amount Song would profit from the advertisement. Vivo was reportedly set to pay Song over $3.4 million dollars.

The withdrawal of the ad was most likely imminent and can be directly linked to the U.S/South Korean deployment of THAAD (defense against nuclear missile threats) from North Korea, which China strongly advised against. Vivo stated that despite the circumstances, Song Joong Ki will still receive his full ad fee as promised.


This will mostly likely effect other stars and ventures as well. The Korean entertainment industry is extremely popular in China, so the loss of major stars will surely effect both countries. It is always sad to hear news like this. Politics will always be there, and one should not effect the other. Entertainment exists for that particular reason. We have movies, dramas and music from all over the world that cheers us up and provides a small escape for this very reason. I am hoping that this is not a prolonged affair, and that matters get resolved quickly.

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