Song Joong Ki Holds Fan Meeting in Taiwan and Talks About Working with Song Hye Kyo in the Future


Song Joong Ki held a fan meeting in Taiwan on June 25th, and spoke about past career aspirations and his hope for working with Song Hye Kyo in the future.

He told the audience that he initially aspired to be a speed skater, but when he didn’t make the cut he turned to acting. When asked if he though he had made the right career choice, he explained that when he sees his fans and their reactions he believes he has. He went on to say “Even 30 years later, I want to act in a age-appropriate role. I will be less popular, and there will most likely be less roles available, but I think that I will be able to act well according to my age. I want to continue to act in the future.” He then continued with “If she’s okay with it, I would want to act with Song Hye Kyo 30 years from now as well.”

Gummy later joined Song on stage and performed the popular OST from the show “You Are My Everything.”

Song will soon be finishing up his fan meeting tour to start work on his next project “Battleship Island”, which had already begun filming.

In the film, he will play an independence fighter Park Moo Young, who invades the island in order to rescue important people who are part of the independence movement against imperial Japan. The film is slated to be released in early 2017.


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