Suzy Shows a Sassy Side in Fourth Teaser for Uncontrollably Fond


I was waiting for a teaser like this from this drama. This preview shows a lot of different scenes that all jump around, and for the first time I am feeling a little excitement beginning to sprout. The clip features everything from Kim Woo Bin getting into street fights to leaving a girl behind on what looks like a date, to Suzy being scolded by her coworkers and wearing a disguise to get a story. This is the first teaser I’ve seen of the two that showed a slight bit of chemistry and bantering, everything before this made me wince. The teaser concludes with a traumatic scene, where Suzy is hurt and bleeding and Kim Woo Bin is shown carrying her in his arms. I am curious to know how this ties them together. Whatever event it depicts, I am sure it will be the root of their bond.

“Uncontrollably Fond” Airs July 6th on KBS2.

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