Park Shin Hye’s Agency Thought “Doctors” Would Fail


S.A.L.T. Entertainment prepared itself for “Doctors” to flop, stating ” We thought the timing would lead to a failure. How would we land a successful drama every single time? So we were prepared for failure, and told ourselves not to be disappointed too much if the drama didn’t do well. For the past 3 Read more

Lim Ji Yeon Will Make a Guest Appearance on “Doctors”!

LimJi Yeon

SBS confirmed that Lim Ji Yeon (“High Society”, “Jackpot”) will make a special cameo on “Doctors.” No word yet on when to expect this pleasant surprise, but rest assured it is happening.

Apparently, Lim has a friendship with writer Ha Myung Hee, who also wrote “High Society”, in which Read more

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