Shin Min Ah and Lee Je Hoon Have Natural Chemistry at the “Tomorrow With You” Table Reading

Tomorrow Table Read

tvN finally released photos from the “Tomorrow With You” script reading, which took place earlier in the week. These shots are always so good to see, since it gives us a first taste of the drama.

Tomorrow Table Read6

“Tomorrow With You” is a fantasy rom-com  about a time traveler and his wife. Lee Je Hoon will play a successful real estate mogul and a time traveler. Shin Min Ah will play a photographer who marries Lee and later finds out about his secret. The drama will be directed by Yoo Je Won, better known for “Oh My Ghostess.”

Tomorrow Table Read2 Tomorrow Table Read4

The entire production was present, including of course leads Shin Min Ah and Lee Je Hoon. From what is being described of the meeting, everyone was in good spirits. Shin and Lee were said to be playful with each other when the script called for it, which is already a good sign. My drama intuition is is telling me this will definitely be a project to look forward to. I am particularly looking forward to seeing our heroine take on an innocent role. Since the drama will be completely pre-produced, I am also expecting great cinematography and proper pacing for better plot development.



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