Two More Women Come Forward to Claim Sexual Assault Against Park Yoonchun


Another day, another victim emerges. Two more women have come forth to claim that Park Yoonchun sexually assaulted them within the past two years. The count is now up to 4 accusers, with the first victim having dropped her allegation earlier in the week. The new victims have similar accounts as to how the assault happened, and they are eerily similar. All the accounts allege that the attack took place in a bathroom after drinking with the star at a liquor bar. One victim alleges that Yoonchun attacked her in the bathroom of the establishment, while the other is alleging that Yoonchun attacked her in his apartment when they went back to continue drinking after the bar. The Gangnam Police Department has expanded it’s special task force that is investigating this case from 6 to 9 people.

At this point there is not much to say. His career is in shambles whether he is found guilty or not. Coming back from something like this will take a miracle. The fans may be able to make allowances for one alleged victim, but 4 is hard to discount. JYJ’s fan club has already pulled its support from him and with something like this, they would usually be the ones to stand behind their beloved star to the end. Whatever the truth may be, I sincerely hope for everyone involved that it will prevail. If he is indeed guilty, then my hope is that the victims will find peace one day. If he is falsely accused, then I sincerely wish for the true facts to come out and for the fallen star to regain his dignity. We are all awaiting the results of the investigation…

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