UEE and Jin Goo are Total Opposites in the First Stills from “Night Light”

night light

MBC’s upcoming drama “Night Light” (also known as “Illuminations”) has released it’s first stills, and for some reason they have left out the female lead, Lee Yo Won.

The cuts are of UEE and lead Jin Goo, and the two are obviously on different ends of the spectrum when it comes to their characters. UEE will be playing Lee Sae Jin, who is a woman that faced many financial difficulties. She is forced to works odd jobs and barely gets by with even that. Jin Goo will be Park Gun Woo, who is a carefree musician. He comes from a wealthy family with dreams of only making it in the music industry.

night light

I find it strange that the network opted to release stills of it’s supporting female lead along side the male star. Did casting just get it wrong, or is this just one big ploy to get viewership up before the drama even premiers. since UEE is in most cases a bigger star than Lee Yo Won. We shall have to wait and see….



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