UEE Offered the Leading Role in MBC’s “Night Light”


Time to cast another MBC drama, since “W” is coming to a close this week. The network is rumored to have offered the leading role in their new melodrama to UEE (“Contract Marriage”, “High Society”). The actress has been stepping up her acting game, so if she accepts this role I can definitely see this one being a win/win for both UEE and MBC.

“Night Light” is described as a story of a fierce battle between a greed that won’t sleep and shining bright people who strive to become owners of the light. Another words, it’s about ordinary people climbing their way up to the top. The series will be penned by Han Ji Hoon, better know for “Time Between Dog and Wolf, and PD Lee Jae Dong, famous for “My Spring Days” and “I Miss You.”


Both, the writer and the PD excel at melodramas. This can be just as successful as their previous works, if they cast it right. Not much else is know about the project at this stage, other than the brief description. However, I am looking forward to more details in the near future. Stay tuned…


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