Uncontrollably Fond Character Posters are Here!


Well it is about time we have some character posters from KBS, since the drama is scheduled to air July 6th.

I have to admit the posters look great. The only thing that seem out of place is the wardrobe. Since all the actors are donning winter gear and I am ready to head out to the pool this weekend, it feels a bit odd. However, since this drama is completely pre-produced and was filmed mostly in the winter/spring the clothing would obviously then be appropriate.

Thus far KBS has only been promoting this drama with its two leads, Kim Woo Bin and Suzy, so its nice to see character posters for all 4 actors to know that there will be a little more to the story than what we have been seeing thus far in the press and previews.

Kim Woo Bin will play an arrogant and successful rockstar in the drama. His tagline in the poster is “I worked hard at running away, but you’re still here.” Uh Oh Suzy, It seems there are unresolved feelings there on his part.

Suzy will play a documentary producer who is interviewing him for a documentary. Her tagline is “If you really like me, what am I supposed to do?” Lets hope she doesn’t overdo the damsel in distress roll.

Im Joo Hwan will play a department director at a large company. He will seemingly have everything that a girl looks for, status, family background, and looks. His tagline reads “You’ll meet someone who loves you sincerely.” Now this one is interesting. Is he directing this towards Suzy or Im Joo Eun?

Im Joo Eun will play a daughter of a very wealthy family with political ties. Her father is a presidential candidate and her mother has a long family history with deep political ties. Her poster tagline is “If you weren’t thinking to seduce me, why did you shake up my heart?” Is her perhaps speaking to Kim Woo Bin?

I am definitely going to be tuning into this one. I don’t think there will be a happy median for this drama. It will either be great or completely fall off the radar. I am hoping for the former. Lets keep our fingers crossed.



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