SBS Announces Final Cast for Kim Sun Ah and Kim Hee Sun’s “Woman of Dignity”

woman of dignity

There has been virtually no news on SBS’ “Woman of Dignity” since the announcement that two veteran actresses, Kim Sun Ah and Kim Hee Sun, may co-star in the drama together. Well, not only is there an update, we also have concrete confirmation on the four main characters and the actors who will play them.

“Woman of Dignity” is a drama about two women who face hardship and common everyday problems many women face, that eventually lead them on the road to self discovery. Kim Hee Sun will play Woo A Jin, a women who marries into a rich family and enjoys a life of privileged until her playboy husband (Shim Hyung Tak) betrays her. She then has no other choice but to stand on her own two feet and climb her way back up the social and economical ladder. Kim Sun Ah will play Park Bok Ja, who is described as having a thick Chungcheong-do accent, and is looking to be a part of high society. She is crafty and is said to have many sides to her. Lee Ki Woo rounds off the cast, by playing Kang Ki Ho, a sympathetic lawyer who has faced hardship in the past.

lee ki woo

shim hyung tak

I am very impressed with SBS for somehow, getting both of these powerhouse actresses on board. Both Kims are leading ladies and do not usually play supporting characters. To share screen time with another lead is intimidating to a lot of actors and most would not take on the risk. I am looking forward to seeing more on this in the future. I am hoping for a solid script and story.

“Woman of Dignity” will be completely pre-produced and will air sometime in the second half of 2017.


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