“Woman with a Suitcase” Drops Character Posters and Second Teaser


With less than a week a way, MBC has finally released official character posters along with a second teaser for their upcoming Monday/Tuesday drama “Woman with a Suitcase.”

The show stars Choi Ji Woo, Joo Jin Mo, Jeon Hye Bin and Lee Joon, and is about an office manager who is prosecuted and is sentenced to prison for violating the Attorney at Law Act. She endures her punishment to eventually become a successful lawyer. The posters are a bit cartoon-like but overall are not bad. However, I am still a bit confused about the suitcase. I am not sure if this is supposed to be a literal suitcase or a metaphorical one. We will have to wait and see.

Choi Ji Woo will play our wrongfully accused office worker Cha Geum, and her poster tagline reads “Life imprisonment? If you come to me, you’re not guilty.”


Joo Jin Mo will play Ham Bok Geo, Choi’s love interest and former prosecutor. His poster tagline reads “Rumors come to me.”


Jeon Hye Bin plays Park Hye Su, who is described a a headstrong attorney. Her tagline reads “What’s mine…Can’t give to anyone.”


Last but not least we have Lee Joon who plays Ma Seok Woo, and is an unconventional “wacky” attorney. His tagline reads “I am a lawyer.”…very descriptive.


Check out the second trailer below….

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