Won Bin and Lee Na Young Will be Making a Comeback

wonbin leenayoung

Our favorite newlywed couple, Won Bin and Lee Na Young, will most likely be making a comeback to the entertainment world this year. The couple had a very busy year in 2015, having gotten married and also welcoming their first son into the world.

Lee’s agency stated “She is preparing to return to acting within the second half of the year. We don’t know yet whether it’ll be through a drama or a movie, as she is considering all kinds of scripts. She is constantly receiving offers, but her next project has yet to be decided.”

wonbin leenayoung2

Since the couple share an agency, Eden9, they also commented on her husband’s desire to also return to work. The agency stated “Won Bin is also carefully browsing various scenarios.” He has be rumored to be involved with the film “Still Life”. The agency addressed the rumors by saying “Still Life’ is only one of the projects that Won Bin is considering. Isn’t it the norm nowadays for the actors to not only appear in movies but to also help in the production process? So the production company had suggested more than one way of participating in the production process. But right now, the script isn’t even out yet, and it’s not yet the stage to discuss casting.”

Lee Na Young’s last drama was over 6 years ago, and her last film was released over 4 years ago. Won Bin’s last film was also 6 years ago. If the couple does indeed decided to make a comeback, it will be welcomed by fans from both sides.



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