Yoo Seung Ho’s “Ruler-Master of the Mask” Courting MBC as the Network of Choice


Ahhhh this is casting news of the week. I don’t even know where to start with this, since there is so much development in such a short amount of time. First, Yoo Seung Ho (“Remember”) has officially been added to “Ruler-Master of the Mask.” Second, the drama is reportedly still being shopped around, however sources are saying that the series will most likely end up on MBC, since it has added PD Sohn Hyung Sik (Shine or Go Crazy).

The Segeuk drama is a story about a powerless 18th century Crown Prince, who fights against a group of powerful and wealthy officials in an attempt to take back power and control of his country. The series is currently being considered for the Wednesday/Thursday time slot and will begin shooting sometime in December for a premier date in March.


The actor is definitely not an easy guy to get for a drama. Since wrapping up “Remember” earlier in the year, he has been offered countless leading roles, including the soon to be premiering “The Man Living in Our House.” Obviously this historical drama has something that peaked his interest, and that makes me very interested as well. I am waiting patiently for more news on this project.

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