Yoon So Hee is Infinite L’s Girlfriend in New Drama


Infinite’s L has landed himself a girlfriend…in his new drama that is. Yoon So Hee (“My Love Eun Dong”) has been cast as L’s girlfriend, who goes by Kim Myung Soo when acting, girlfriend in “The Day After We Parted.”

“The Day After We Parted” is a mini-series, in which L will play Yoo Tak, a lead vocalist in an indie band, who accidentally travel back in time, where he will attempt to win back an old girlfriend. Yoon’s character, who is also a a member of the band, grew up without parents and does not like being alone.


I really like the way production casted this series. Yoon is a really great choice. She is a good actress and can do well opposite L, who has so much stage presence. Although, this is only a four hour drama, I think it has some really great potential and can serve as a platform for L to do future lead roles.

The Drama will air sometime in the Fall.

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