Yoon Seung Ho Considering Lead Role In New Drama


Yoon Seung Ho is in talks to star in a new drama called “Ruler-Master Of The Mask.” This is really great news, considering the actor just turned out a role in “The Man Living In Our House.”

The fantasy drama is about a Jeseon dynasty prince, who wages a political war against powerful politicians in order to protect his people’a rights. Wow very intense. There has been so many dramas lately about Joseon dynasty princes so what’s one more. “Ruler-Master Of The Mask” will be completely pre-produced and will air sometime in 2017.


The drama has no official home as of yet, but I am betting that networks will be fighting over this one. Yoon’s popularity has grown dramatically in last few years, and his last drama “Remember” did well in ratings. I hope he keeps picking good projects, that will give him longevity in the industry. Although, “Remember” was good, I am waiting for a lighter project from him, maybe a rom-com in the new future?…

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